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3 days for photographs lovers


DAY 1 : Unterlinden museum.

You can also go to la librairie “le cabinet de curiosités” because they sell original photographs of Adolph Braun at the moment. They are not too expensive (from 150 euros to 2000). They also sell other interesting things for artists.

Spend the rest of the day in Colmar

DAY 2 : go to Kaysersberg. I have plotted a place which might be nice, with a drone or from the ground. Then go to Murbach (on the map), a nice abbaye in the middle of nowhere. Evening on your way back in Eguisheim (on the map too).

DAY 3 : mountains (see the map) and lakes. Eat up there. If you are lucky (or early) there are buffs …

look around the water that flows on the ground, because there are special species of moss. There are also, up there, special plants, and wild flowers.

To help you with regulation on drones, you can have a look at this website : https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/donnees/restrictions-pour-drones-de-loisir

I have made a map on google, so that you can see these places. It is here.

I also post on subjects related to photography, on my instagram.

If you make nice ones, you can even share them one my website, with a link, to your !

After Colmar I would go here if I had a drone : http://click here 

This place is classified word heritage by unesco. It is stunning. Industry is a part of the european history… And this place should be visited …