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Your arrival

My adress :

43 rue Kléber, 68 000 COLMAR – FRANCE

06 58 12 17 83 (10h-17h), leave a message, and speak english if not french ! 

For your luggage : lockers at the train station, in a place called “Vélo Docteurs” ( just on your way out, check if open and if not, go on atthecorner.fr which is a network of hotels near the train stations, which can keep it at any time)

Parking : park in the car and leave your luggage, I ll show you where to park after (depending on your plans for the day after etc). Parking Rapp is very close (free during an hour but not free after), Parking des Montagnes vertes (free) also

Airport : the nearest airport is Mulhouse/Basel. From this airport, you can come to Colmar by train or by bus (cheaper). By car, it is a 40 minute drive. Some people arrive through Zurich, and take a flixbus after

Train : the train station is Colmar, and it is 8 minutes away from home, by foot. If you need a taxi, you’ll find some near the railway station.

For you to understand quickly : Colmar is a village, I am 10 minutes away by foot from the train station, and 10 min away from the Little Venice

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