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At home we have breakfast in two ligns, and I always have some pieces of them for sale.

I also work on order when you need more and I can ship them, or deliver them depending on the situation. In this case we can decide together which shape you prefer, which colors etc.

For professionals, I imagine also unique ligns and pieces. In this case the days during which we work deciding what you need, trying, creating, are sold like counseling days (1500 euros a day, prototypes included).

Prices are : small bowl 15 euros/cups between 15 and 25 euros/big bowls 30 to 35 euros/ plates for cereals or soup 30 to 45 euros/jars teapots between 50 and 70 euros

My personal lign

A lign between childhood and adulthood, joyful, playful, in porcelain. We’ve been using it for 4 years, washing it in the dishwasher and putting it in the microwave, and it is fine.

The Goldberg Variations lign

A written transcription of this masterpiece by Bach was found next to here in 1974… This lign has 32 variations of shapes and techniques, in porcelain and oxydes. Wether you love black and white, or piano, Bach, or variations, you’ll find one that suits you. Each piece is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

I also always have prototypes

I always have things I  am working on, such as jewels, spoons, sculptures, tiny pieces, etc. They are for sale at home. Prices start around 15 euros and go up to 100 euros. Many of them are designed in order to be put in a suitcase and brought back.

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