Who is miss bABa?

Dear you,

  • You love art but you don’t have time for it much often ;
  • You travel and love it. You want to see many things, live as a local, and to discover new things.

“miss bABa” might be for you : it is an exclusive artistic experience, … in France, near Germany and Swisserland.

I believe that holidays are a moment when we decide and take time to look at things with distance.

I have imagined miss bABa and her offers, starting from what I love, and just that.

It is definitely not a low cost hotel, nore a common bed and breakfast. It is not a school of art. Neither a potter. And not a shop of nice but industrial products.


It is a lifestyle, mine and my friends’ and familly’s. A french lifestyle, maybe. An artistic one, definitely. We also love relationship. Discovering new things. Love, and happiness, why not.

Someone came here last winter and said : “-your home, it is sort of “la vie en rose” !” …

ok … Why not…

I am a bit like this …

I always have many ideas, and thousands things I would like to do. I like to switch from one medium to another one, and in order to do so, I need to be free. At the moment I write, create porcelain dishware lines, sculpt, play theater, classical piano, sing Haendel and Mozart with my friends … and I have pleasure to welcome you, in my home and bed and breakfast.

And I love to laugh, too …

Please have a look at my pages, and feel free to contact me if you need to be explained anything :


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