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At the moment, the colors are grey, and we live in watercolours…
Any season is nice, here, even winter.
Experiencing tourisme in a country cold and grey has always seemed strange, to me.
… Untill one day, Berenice and René came home, from Mexico, in the middle of january. I had just closed the door and said good bye to two japanese guys, travelling for photography. They have tought me to love winter.
Before them, this was a season during which I would try to survive with a lot of techniques, built by our ancestors, for ages :
– Candles, everywhere. Of any size, any color
– Mulled wine, and warm drinks in general (herb teas, spiced teas, coffees more or less white, warm chocolate),
– treats of any kind (cookies, nuts, cheese and cheese)
– going to the thermal baths (they are not far away from home, in germany), outside, when it snows
– seizing ANY opportunity to enjoy snow when it comes (which means : a car with tyres adapted to snow, and snow shoes inside, and skis, and gloves etc)
I started to talk about my resistance, during these months, with friends. Telling them that eating/drinking was ok, but it could not be the only thing to do …. I would find this season boring … sooo booooring …
One of them, who paints and always wears cloths of nice colors, told me that for him it was the nicest season. That the colors were just gorgeous. The purples, the browns. The only season when you can find this candied chestnust color, all around you. Have a look at the photographs taken by Mathieu Becht and Thierry Frey who live here !
Another one told me how she loved being packed or wrapped in soft textiles… And Nina, a beautiful indian woman who came with me one day, for a walk in the snow which had just fallen, loved this landscape, powdered with snow everywhere. White, black. grey, dark greens of the pine trees…Very similar to the background of my post, by Philippe Milleret.
So now… thanks to all of them… I enjoy the colors of winter in Alsace !!
Do you agree with me???