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I have just discovered yesterday the program of the International Festival of Colmar (classical music).

The program in french is here  but this site is also in many foreign languages.

Don’t forget that there is another festival, with free concerts, in the meantime.

I have posted the program on my instagram … where more people read me ! so, do go !

During the music festivals at home we are in a “musical mood”. I sometimes volunteer for them, and enjoy some of the concerts. We even have plans to make rehearsals at home, next year, in 2019 ! I have also created a dishware lign on Golberg Variations, in which we have a home made breakfast. I have also books on music, at your disposal. My piano is yours, if you long to play (and I also have a guitar …).

So : do you like music ? Come home, in my most exclusive place, and let’s share our experiences during a few days ! Come with yours, if you have nice artists to share !