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This new year arrived with its lot of good news… Thanks to my shop online, Lee found his way to my work, and ordered some pieces, … I also discovered yesterday that many persons from north america connect to my blog (may be half of those who visit me are from this continent). So I decided to post some articles in english, sometimes, and to translate some parts of my presentation….

Lee would have liked some pieces, just for one person, not too big because his cupboard is not very large. He seems to appreciate my style, and the pieces I make.. He would like to have two sets, composed with one plate, one cup, and a box he wants to use to bake japanese flan, chawanmushis… these flans look delicious, and I ill soon be trying to do some…

So I am working on this project today, and here are the pictures of my workshop (my room, this famous Miss Babatelier), my appartement, and the view I have on the church next door….