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Music in porcelain : the Golberg Variations, made by miss bABa …

In 2016, a french pianist I like (Alexandre Tharaud) has published his version of the Golberg Variations, a music master piece from Bach. I have discovered this thanks to him, and after, Glenn Goulds’, of course… As I was trying to find my way in this music, I learnt that the transcription had been found very recently, in Alsace, Strasburg near the place I live.

These plays have been written for a count, who suffered insomnias. He wanted some playfull little pieces, played by a teenager. I thought that I would have loved someone to play for me when I can’t sleep… how pleasant… I was also working on our right to vary, in our mood, needs and desires, during collective moments.I could no longer stand to be treated as someone industrial, supposed to act in a conform way … I was thinking that progress was just of no use, if we had to loose in the process the most interesting part of ourselves : our humanity.

So I decided to do the same as Bach, but in porcelain !

My « variation golberg » series is a set of 32 dishes, made for any situation, but always in respect of your mood, your taste, in a collective moment.

You can choose one set because you like the style (for example the aria set, which is black, mainly). I can then make other ones, in this taste, but you won’t have twice the same.

Or you can choose as many sets as the number of persons you share your meal with. You can mix the pieces or set your table, one set close to the other one without being mixed.

You can also buy a set, and mix eveything, or let people choose their solution.

This is a dishware created for a moment, in order for everyone to eat the quantity they want. In any mood !