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I create unique dishware in porcelain, starting from how you eat ….

Because your meals are some of your most precious moments, you would like to share, with the ones you love, the meaning and the value of what is given, with a special dishware.

We can work together on these moments and design the dishware that will contain your fabulous meals, and accompagny these moments of quality.

I love to work with and for : 

  • families which are transforming (the ones which are starting to be built, the ones in which children are going away, the stepfamilies, etc)
  • people who eat alone, or in small groups, but have a special interest in their meals (the food addicts, the gastronomes …) …
  • persons who like to let their eyes wander on beauty, …
  • persons who pay attention to their meals … their impact on environnement, their bodies etc

My beliefs (…maybe …)

I believe that the context of your meal is responsible for the quality of the moment you share.

I think that we are not industrial products. And maybe when we accepted to eat in industrialized plates, have we started to renounce to important parts of ourselves.  I believe we are free, also, to choose another way. Ours.

I also love to give birth to shapes which belong to humanity, wordwide. Which always happens in this process.


You can expect me to :

Listen to you, and your history. I will do this with everyone around your table.


Are you interested?

contact me : aurelia@missbaba.fr

Some of my work :


And some ligns just waiting for someone to love and adopt them) :

-A series for the ones who have loved reading Alice in Wonderland … the “Alice goes to the sea” lign

-A most special series, made for those who believe that strange things happen during familly gatherings (a medical serie, for christmas)(:) ):  les Biz’arts ( the “Strang’arts”)



CATALOGUE  2017 ICI (en cours de finalisation)