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miss bABa is an exclusive place in Colmar-France, Alsace. You will be sharing the life of the owner,  ceramicist and artist.

From your arrival untill your departure, you’ll be surrounded by an arty, creative atmosphere, local and unique

You can come without any plan, we’ll help you to organize your stay. We share our network, our maps, our ideas. We also have many places to suggest, where you will be taken care of as if you were a friend of ours. 

We have even made a label for this, called miss bABa’s band. You can find these places on this website (my best adresses), registred on google map. 

What do our hosts say when they leave ? 

That « they felt home, or at some old friends’ » , « they have had a quick access to local life, and not only touristy places », « that they will sure be coming back, or send their friends and families »

But also … that « they had always wanted to create things and now they know how to start and they will », « they have discoved Alsace behind the scene, and arty places they had not imagined » or simply that « they were tired and needed a peacefull place where they could rest, talk, meet people outside their professional network, and see nice places easily, which they have found ». 

They also usually like to talk, meet locals. And we love to see them go away with the e mail of other guests in their pockets. 

Come home, we’ll be doing our best for you to spend a nice moment here.

Friendly yours, Aurélia and Marc