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How I have stopped learning things I did not need to know ….

I am already laughing, here, alone in front of my computer, in my small city of Alsace (Colmar), with that sort of title. Once more, I’m showing off … I have spent so many years learning the most useless things, in a most studious way indeed… No, I won’t make a list. Still, keeping this secret could be as choosing not to open the doors of a museum, because what’s inside is old, or out of date.

So I confess …

I confess having learnt the US Navy defense system (in English), maritime navigation, knots and history of sea battles (and these were taught by the most interesting guy ever met), music theory (by a witch), step (by a diva), electronics (by an old charming man totally desperate because I could not understand a single word of his discipline), marching songs (I let you imagine me, in the middle of 200 boys singing funny things about a woman who would wait for them when they fight), radio goniometry (by a guy whose face was as round as my radar), finance (oh he was so gloomy), political ideas history (this one was more lively, under the dust), north American philosophy, saxophone (that one was funny) … I am still laughing about this …

I confess having been interested in every subject everyone would consider as minor. My strategy? Working hard on what would give me less credits, and leave things taught by loosers, in an abstruse way, to others. In these most socially useless matters, I would spend time, wallowing like a pig in its mud … And finally, these things have helped me being who I am, more than any other “serious subject”.

One day I was doing this once again, I suddenly got fed up of these “schools” where you don’t learn anything, these presumed teachers not even respectful, their empty lessons, and suffering, always, all the way…

I flew away, just to follow my way, so different from the others’. On this way, I no longer buy knowledge that I have. I learn by meeting artists, looking at their work, listening, passing from one type of art to the other, but always by doing, not only by buying …

The idea is this one, and I share it with those who learn in a compulsive way, with anguish, and your brain working all night, on and on ….

The idea is to slow down your body, because running all day just does not make you tired. Slow down, and you will be able to hear what your body tells you. At this moment, slow down your brain by doing things with your body. I mean… For example : my project of this year is about the Golberg Variations. I go to concerts, read, listen, talk about this with people from all around the word. Then I invent a dishware line on these variations. Now I try to make dinners, with someone who will talk about them, and with food linked to the idea of variations….  Other example: last year I was working on home, and protection… I have read, met people working on this, looked at other projects, to feed this interest. It lead me to a series of sculptures (“The little pigs’ houses”). And now, this has become a workshop, because many persons feel concerned about homes….

And here is magic. It has been so long to learn how to do this, but today, I think there is no waist in my quests. I learn as I have never had.

I have always thought that my main strength was complex projects, process, and they do attract me. But my artistic projects have become my new projects (no change management anymore, promised), and they help me meet interesting people, with a quality in our exchanges I had never experienced.

Sometimes people ask me if I make a living of it.

Yes. For the first time. And better than ever.

From my experiences I have created workshops, during which I work with people who have never had any artistic activity, or to people who are very artistic in their way of life.

I have seen so many persons thinking that what was being proposed would lead them to an interesting place, and seeing nothing at the end of the way, that I have thought that my methods was not worse than any others’.

So in my workshops, we do things that are finished in 4 hours.

I have seen them learning so many useless techniques, that I start in another way : we start with a subject.

And I have heard so many musicians playing without any emotion, seen so many sculptures, so many paintings (even in museums) without emotion, that we start from here : your emotions are the center of an artistic work. And you’ll see that they are so beautifull ….

My workshops are not the ones organized by museums, schools, potters, because the beginning of the work will be you, your emotions, and your questions. I don’t aim at making you dependant of me, for my strongest desire is to let you become a free artist, able to work, think, see, be on his own, in his own artistic trajectory.