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Here are the workshops which are being organised in 2019. I make them during the day (between 12 and 4 pm, everyday : just ask me before you come) :

  • the “anything boxes” workshops : in this workshop we use the idea of making a box as an excuse to talk about you.
  • the “youandme’s workshops” : these workshops are meant to experience your relation to another person, because you collaborate on a project. This project can be a sculpture, or dishware for a moment you share ….
  • the “house of the three little pigs” workshop : in this workshop we explore the relationship between home and house, and imagine what would make sens, for us, maybe just in our imagination …
  • I also have a workshop in which you are free to do what you feel, and I help you doing so ; it is called “the free discovery workshop”…

When finished, I let your pieces dry, and then I cook them twice. I glaze them inside if needed. I send them to you if you want, but this is not included in the price … because it depends on the size, the weight and your country ….

I have also written an article on these workshops, and why I make these proposals. You can find it here. 

You’ll find here more precisely how it works,….. 


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