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Je suis “un peu” fascinée par les questions liées à l’industrialisation, tant d’un point de vue politique (=comment l’accompagner, pourquoi, quelle pertinence, quelle régulation, quels apprentissages, quels gains sociétaux, etc), que d’un point de vue plastique (les sites, les friches, les sons, les matières, les corps confrontés à cela) …

Je trouve cette idée : d’ENFER.

Il me tarde de voir ce que des artistes en ont fait, ce qu’ils en disent, surtout.


Il me tarde. 😊😊😊

If you come to Europe for culture, just don’t forget that part of it, here, is the industrial revolution.

A major social change, most important in today’s european society (very important in french hospitals, and also in the way we deal with a population growing old), still visible, and its stigmates, too.
A challenge, for the 21st century.

In Strasbourg soon you can see the work of some artists who have been working on industry (local ones). (so maybe : just don’t stop just for alsacian houses of the middle ages, because there has been a very interesting life after too)(😊)

Here is the FB page of this exhibition in different places of Strasbourg : https://www.facebook.com/industriemagnifique/