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Here are some ideas for art lovers, planning to come in the east of France during the weeks to come.

May and June are just perfect for you, because public transportation works pretty well (no strike this year, incredible 🙂 ). It is also very easy to rent a bike, from home (a few steps away, actually, and there are routes dedicated to bikes only along the wine yards, which is great).

The next events which I find most interesting are : 


– Ateliers ouverts, on may 18/19 and 25/26. The website is only in french, but have a look at it to choose your favorite artists. They open their studios, in all Alsace, and they speak english, or there is always someone around who does 😉 ( click here)


– The next music festival in Colmar is called Musiques Métisses (they speak english if you offer them a beer)(they are on facebook, the website is not updated yet), it is from the 7th to the 9th of june

– Art Basel is from June 13 to 16th. Here is the link. It is easy to go there by train, from home


– Between june the 9th and the 23 rd, in Wattwiller, there is a modern art festival (click here, they speak … heu … french)(but they don’t bite), around the Schneider Foundation


So … do come home, if you like this. I have many other ideas of things to do in Colmar and around, and other places than mine if mine doesn’t fit your needs ! 


Interested ?

You can have a look at my calendar to see if I still have any room for you ….