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This is quiet charming a story, …

When I was a teenager, my parents were professionaly related to some french teachers in Chicago, Ill. She was teaching in Oak Park, and he, swiss journalist, was teaching at the university.

They would dream to make teenagers from my place, in Alsace, near Colmar, go to Chicago. These teenagers had barely travelled, and it would have been a once in a life time experience. Unfortunately, it never happened, because it was way too expensive for many famillies. 

They became friends, and I was offered to spend a year in Chicago, before college. It was very expensive, and I preferred to … join the french Navy, which was for me a way to be independant more quickly. 


But I went to Chicago twice, in 1988, and back in 1990 on my own. And kept this place as a part of me.

Until a few months ago, when I started to draw birds.

I draw animals, to talk about humans. I live in a small conservative town in France, Alsace, near Germany. Anyone different is … treated as such.

I feel that everyone is the same, and the only opportunity I found there is to meet and work with people passing by, because it is a most touristy place. At the moment, COVID has ruined my efforts !

So here I am, drawing “Punk Birds” ( even Voltaire, who came to my city to hide because he had been a naughty guy once more, said that it was “an iroquoyan village” ) (;) ).

And by chance, because these social medias are sometimes amazing, the birds from Chicago, photographed by Maren Robinson, caught my attention.

And here we are, related by life against all odds. 

Long life to my Punk Birds, from all over the world !! And thank you, Maren …