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July 2018, summer news at miss bABa’s !


In a heritage house, one of the nicest of Colmar, we start to organise special exclusive moment for tiny groups … You’ll find them here ! 


The idea at miss bABa’s is to share with you artistic life around. To help you meeting people related to this, to help you choose nice places to go to … 

So at the moment at home, you’ll find : 

-pieces of art made by Valérie Graftieaux (her pocket museum, photographies)

-pieces of art by Jérôme Pergolesi (inks and graphism)

– pieces of art by Peter Bond (Australian artist who lives in Strasburg, and works with Galerie Jean François Kaiser)

A computer to help you find “What’s to do Colmar ????” !

This is the last piece of comfort added to your rooms here.

The price included already :

  • my home, which is shared : an old bourgeois building, with my studio within, in the very heart of Colmar
  • a french home made breakfast (baguette, local pastry, home jams, home made yoghurt etc)
  • many advices, online (have a look at this website) and live ones when you come : you don’t need to prepare your trip before, especially if it’s to go to the places where 2 m visitors go each year (and I can tell you about best ones)
  • a network af partners whith whom I work in order for you to have the best experience in Colmar (the only deal we have is that I work with them as long as they treat you as well as me, and it will stop if it’s not the case)
  • my flat was renovated in 2018, and I still do. I use organic paint for the rooms. And at the moment I slowly change to organic towels.
  • books, of local authors or on art matters, french magazines in english, …
  • BUT as some of you travel during a long time, being connected is an issue. So that’s it ! a computer, in English !

I also have found a partner who rents flats for groups of 10, nextdoor. They are just awesome, Les Suites du Cygne. You can see this project on my website too, and I am your contact on these flats too 🙂

And I also have a nice solution for 2-3 persons in case you wanna be on your own.

So … Just ask. I am changing my website at the moment, so the english pages are not available… But in a few weeks from now on, it will be more efficient, an easier to find your way !

Have a nice summer, and see you soon !