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things to do in colmar in autumn

3 days of things to do in Colmar in autumn

Autumn is the best season to visit Alsace and around, for many reasons :

  • It is a season of colors – yellows, orange, reds, … plus the colors of the houses !
  • It is a season of oppulence – grapes, of course, apples, crazy local plums, mushrooms !
  • It is a season of relief, between very crowded moments – between summer time and Christmas season : it is not cold yet, the air is smooth … it smells squeezed grapes everywhere !
  • It is cheaper – maybe …

So I have, once more, tried to build you a sort of program in order for you to get some ideas, out of the usual ones.

I know, you feel like that if you don’t go to Eguisheim, Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr you have failed your holiday in Alsace. But definitely, I would rather go to Wattwiller … much more interesting, less crowded, no souvenir shops etc.

So yes, I have put this in my program. Not because I think that these places need to be seen. But because we have to make concessions, maybe, to territorial marketing.

But I also try to make you discover nice spots, out of the way. The places I go to, and I send my friends to ….

For me autumn is a season when I love being outside, biking and hiking.

Biking because there are always grapes left in the wine yards after the crops (the little ones), and hiking because from the Vosges we have this amazing view on the plain of Alsace, and then the Black Forest – or hiking in Kaiser Stuhl, around Breisach (which is at the same distance from Colmar, on the German side), which is as beautiful !

DAY 1 – a day out for your body !

Rent a bike nextdoor

Go to eguisheim along the little river under the shade of the trees- look at the castles on the top of the hills (we had lords of war who would protect the entrance of the valleys around, and on the tops of the hills the ruins of their castles are visible from far away). Wettolsheim. Kaysersberg (don’t miss this amazing roman Abbaye in the middle of the industrial site on your way out of the village).

I’ll give you pieces of advise of nice restaurants whith whom I work in order to make sure of the quality of what you get (in term of fod, but also in terms of hospitality and fitted to your needs), if you need any.

DAY 2 – day in and out for your soul !

Unterlinden Museum : for architecture (because the cloister is charming, and so is the old swimming pool transformed into a place for temporary exhibitions) / sometimes there are nice exhibitions, and it is often interesting to understand society through them / it is 5 min away … etc

At the moment the work exposed is gorgeous …

I would also go to Wattwiller for water, and modern art, for the roman church, its cript, the fountains …. (I ll tell you about this village and the modern art foundation)- you can hike around !

Come back passing by Vieil Armand if you still have any time …

DAY 3 – another day

You’re probably going to Strasbourg. You should take the wine route, of course. But don’t miss the Musée Wurth on your way. Great place, and nice exhibition …

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