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Things to do in colmar in September

Things to do in Colmar and around in september 2018


So, what’s up around in september in Colmar and around for art lovers ?


Music !!!

A Jazz Festival in Colmar, with concerts during the festival and many events around, before and after. Have a look here : https://festival-jazz.colmar.fr/


Painting and Sculptures !!


My favorite exhibition ????

The one at the museum nextdoor : Musée Unterlinden has a temporary exhibition on Baselitz, a german artist, from the 20 th century. I have loved this part of his work, for textures, of course, but also for the transition between the end of a life … and after. Very spiritual, for me. Very mooving, impressive, strong and fragile, huge and so intimate. Sad and full of hope, finally.

Well, I am still under the emotion of the moment spent with his work.

Furthermore, it is in a museum which has been renovated in 2015, and just for architeture the place is amazing. You pass from the 14th century (an old church, with a beautifull cloyster) to the 20 th century (an art nouveau swimming pool which has been transformed in order to propose temporary exhibitions), and all this in a most modern way (by swiss  architects, named Herzog and de Meuron, famous ones here ) …

Have a look at it here : https://www.musee-unterlinden.com/

Another exhibition ???

The one in Wattwiller, ” l’Atlas des Nuages” …. Between science, poetry, art … when all these get mixed, my mind (and all the rest, around 🙂 ) feel … maybe … just pleasure … ;))… I love this place for the subject they deal with and the quality of the proposals (issues related to water, in modern art), for its smell, for the village and the fact that it is authentic (and no disney land type), for the view on the black forest, for silence, for the organic café, … have a look at the place, here


  • iT IS TIME FOR “vendanges” (grape harvest) all around. You should make a bike tour around, just for the smell and to share our pleasure during this happy period, here … They usually put the left overs of the grapes in the fields, and it smells grapes all around …. delicious !!!



  •  … And I ll give you many other ideas, and nice places to go to, to eat at (in the network I have made, “la bande à bABa”, to be sure that your experience in Alsace is the best ever … )