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Of course, you have seen many things to do in Colmar and around : the delicious wines we have here, our castles, the cosy local villages, local food and our history.

You’ll easily find this on any tourist information website or blog, and anywhere, actually. You’ll come, and ask to see « EGUISCHSCHSCHEIM », « OUIKEOUIRRRR », « OUIBOWILL » and so on. And I’ll smile, and give you the information you need.

But my proposal is different.

I offer you to share our lifestyle here. Which does mean that you need to stay a bit longer than ….. TWO DAYS!!

The first dimension of my place which is really specific to Colmar and Alsace, is how close we are from Germany and Swisserland. This has strong consequences on our lifestyle, very international.

Colmar is at the same distance from  Strasbourg, Fribourg (Black Forest, Germany) and from Basel (Switzerland), about 45 min away by car from each city. They are all different, and passing from one to the other can be very interesting. They all have nice places to see, pleasant moments can be spent there. They don’t have the same history but we share the same dialect, a sort of german . And they have nice museums, nice enough to make one dream of, especially Basel.


My Alsace is mainly two things : art and sports.


Art because there are so many art foundations , at no more than an hour drive. When I need to escape from everyday life, off I go, for one arty day. And then? I just pass from one to the other one … Their styles are so different, the places they are in are always politically (because they do have an impact on the place in which they are), and culturally  very interesting. That’s what I call my « travel in beauty »… There are also some music festivals (all year round, on many different styles of music). I volunteer in one of them, a chamber music one, in may.  … These concerts often take place in front of my home, in an church of the 14th century, or a few minutes away by foot from my place.


Sports too, outdoor ones especially. Few steps away from home you can rent bikes, and then spend a day on the only bike routes along the wine yards. You can also rent there a bike for the mountain, for long distances, and have pleasure to go up the hils, and down. And up… 😉

We also like to hike in the Vosges (I ll give you some maps, downloaded), even with snow shoes in winter. And I row, of course, on the Rhine River, but that’s another story.

So I have made some programs to give you ideas, of things you might not think of, but you might like…

things to do colmar

1. Ideas for art lovers

2. Ideas for creative people


3. Ideas for photographers