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Many persons come home and have food habits which are important for them to be fit and feel good durig their holidays.

I also have mine, and cannot eat a french breakfast because it is not adapted to my needs on a long distance diet.

So I always do something like this in the morning, and if you would like any, do ask. I cannot offer you the normal breakfast plus this one, because it would be too expensive (because of the time needed, and products used), but I can do this one for you too :

30 gr oatmeal/15g chia seeds or 50 gr oatmeal

200 ml milk

let this soak overnight

Next morning, create something pleasant, fun with :

a fruit of the season (at the moment here : plums, apples)

some seeds (at the moment, here : toasted sesam and linen seeds)

some nuts : walnuts, almonds, haselnuts, …

and I add spices, ad sometimes chocolate, related to my ideas (peppers, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, etc)

ENJOY !!!!