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What to do in Colmar

Here are some piece of advise, to be shared quickly with the people I get in touch with. The ones I would have liked to find when traveling. Not the piece of advice you can find in a tourist information (very interesting too), neither the ones you find on a blog made by someone who has spent 2 days doing the same things as anyone else.

My pieces of advice. Partial, of course. Unperfect, of course. But mine. Free ones. Independant ones.

So let’s start :

If you are interested in art, do go also on the web site of musee pass : that’s a pass we buy for one year and gives us access to many museums,.. They post articles on what’s going on at the moment, and all the museums which are not too far from me are identified, for France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg …

A women, very famous here and in France, has a blog and she is a real art addict. She is called Elizabeth Itti, and is on facebook, linkedin, and publishes her newsletter as « la dilletante ». If you speak some french do have a look. And if you don’t speak any french, just go where she has been, and go there because it might be worth it.

  • Here are the things I do here, when I have some friends from another region/country : I bring them for a row on the Rhine River, or we go for a boat tour in the swamps. This one is just great. It is totally different from the one in Colmar … You might have noticed that water matters here. We also go to the « thermal bads « , near Freiburg. I like to take them in a ferme auberge, after a walk in the mountains. This one is my favourite. These are farms in which you can eat traditionnal food. Great. I love to take my bike and ride in the wineyards...
  • people also come to my place, and sometimes we have time to share a moment. This lead to the creation of a degree that you can have here.